Case study
Speculative product design
An(other) AI solution to a global problem

As humanity's population grows and our need for urban spaces catches up, unfortunately nature pays the price. Habitat destruction and bio-diversity loss is a very real problem in urban areas across the globe, and we must put into action smart solutions to help us to alleviate the stress we are putting on local ecological systems, in an effort to create more bio-diverse spaces wherever we can. This app idea is just one way in which we, as individuals, could use considered design and technology that is readily available today, to help fight the change. (Bio-diversity is described as the variety of plant and animal life in the world, or in a particular habitat.)

How can an app help fight climate change?

By analyzing data on the local environment and employing green urban design principles, this AI driven product could suggest ways to create green spaces that support local biodiversity and improve the quality of life for city residents and in turn, the planet. It's a simple idea with far-reaching benefits. The features in the app, such as an AR timeline which lets the user scroll into the future to see how their green space could grow if they followed the apps direction, were developed to create as much value to not only the user, but our environment as well.

Art Direction

Working on a green space in a very visceral experience, with all of your senses being engaged by the connection you have with nature. My vision for the app was to use textures, fluid shapes and a soft approachable color palette to try and replicate this feeling. The app feels tangible, becoming alive not only through the use of an AI assistant and it's speech activated visual but through the various textures and image processing that help to create a unified, tactile user experience.

Curious to learn more?
If you'd like to read about the full UX case study, follow the link to my medium below.
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