Case study
Brand experience
AIR: An interview podcast series

AIR aims to be something different in the wide world of music journalism. Tired of the usual promotional fluff, acclaimed journalist and host Emma Robertson invites artists, DJs, and musicians to get deep on one topic that inspires them — everything from nature, to film, to spirituality. Over the course of the seires i've been collaborating with Emma in developing and executing the brand across various digital and print media. The visual direction aims to keep the artists front and center, with a brand system which acts as a visual platform.

Visual language

Each guest carries weight, emotion and personality. Therefore, I appraoched the visual identity in a way that provides a platform for the ideas of the podcast but not a voice. The identity includes enough elemental recogniseability for the community to attach themselves too, but melts away as soon as the audience clicks play.

Curious to learn more?
If you'd like to read about the full UX case study, follow the link to my medium below.
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