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Vigdís is an award winning Berlin based video editor and photographer. She is represented by S EC Studio, and has worked with some of Europe's largest contemporary brands. She approached me to create a new portfolio website to showcase a selection of her most recent work.

The experience for the site is based on a foundation of a creating a captivating, unfolding expose of her work. This means the portfolio is presented as an immersive experience, with the user scrolling through the world of Vigdís, the story of her work being revealed the user goes deeper into the narrative. Micro-interactions and scroll interactions add a level of playfulness and character to the experience, with the content built on a rigid two column layout which aims to create a subtle platform for the beautiful imagery that is used to showcase her work, and ultimately her style.

Curious to learn more?
If you'd like to read about the full UX case study, follow the link to my medium below.
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